Nine Perfect Strangers

by Liane Moriarty

This was interesting. I would still probably read it for the first time again if I knew how I’d feel at the end. But the middle was a bit . . . odd. The set up was interesting and I loved the wrap up, and neither of those would have stood up without the middle, so let’s embrace the odd, shall we?

I’m having a hard time discussing this one in a way that will not give away the story. OK, let me try again:  Nine strangers sign up for a 10 day cleanse at a health resort. What they experience was decidedly NOT what they signed up for, and not what any of them would have chosen.

I like the characters – they are really and truly interesting (except for the one who is definitely not interesting and that’s sort of the point of her). I wish there were more things happening through the middle portion, but there was a lot happening inside each of their heads, so I probably shouldn’t complain.

My absolute favorite thing about the book is a super short chapter at the end. One of the characters is a novelist. The absolute dream of every author occurs in this chapter and it is sweet justice for all of us who write and who must endure the reviews of those who choose vitriol and hatred online in lieu of a fair review. Honestly, I’d read every word again to experience that one chapter again. I was reading it on the beach and burst out loud, “BAHAHA!” People looked at me. It was fine. I hope this happens to you when you read it too.

Moriarty is a master storyteller. It almost doesn’t matter what she’s writing about, she can make you turn those pages. My personal favorite by her (not that I’ve read them all) is Three Wishes. My review of that book can be found here.

But wait! Did I mention this book takes place in Australia? Yep. For some reason, I love books that take place down under. So there’s another reason to read it!

Want to grab a copy? Click here!

Content: no graphic sex, some drug use, some language.





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