The Austen Escape

by Katherine Reay

This book was SO. MUCH. FUN. I can’t describe the delight, the bone-deep thrill I experienced as I read this story. First of all, I have literally thought about, dreamed, considered, and wondered what it would be like to live in the world depicted in Jane Austen novels. I have walked through the Biltmore and wished I could eat one meal in that elaborate dining room lined with footmen, and see what it would be like to wear a different outfit for every three hours of the day.

In the Austen Escape, our very modern-day characters embark on a trip of a lifetime, where they will stay in an English Manor, wear fabulous gowns like those described in Pride and Prejudice, and be waited upon by servants whilst playing whist. I mean, who wouldn’t want to try it?

In this novel, you’ll find there’s an adventure. There might be a touch of romance, and best of all, there are gowns and dancing and mistaken assumptions and blinded characters who the reader desperately wants to open their eyes.

In a word, this book is delicious. Like a melt in your mouth scone covered in clotted cream and just enough jam to make it feel decadent. Now I want scones. Off to Pinterest I go . . . but you should to head over to Amazon. Want to buy this book? Click here. (I highly recommend it!)

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