Reader in Residence

Jennifer Fromke is the Reader in Residence. She reviews almost everything she reads and she’s one of those people. You know the type. You can’t talk to her for five minutes without somehow talking about one book or another. And she recommends books. To everyone. And woe be unto you if you tell her you’re looking for something to read. She will spew a list at you so fast, you won’t know what hit you. And your TBRĀ list will suddenly seem out of control. Not that she’s pushy. She just REALLY wants people to read good things they will remember with a sigh and that feeling you get after eating the perfect warm cookie.

So she started this website to share her thoughts on the books she’s read. And she hopes you’ll find something wonderful here. If you do, please come back and share!

Note: Most reviews will contain a certain number of stars out of five. Jennifer gives VERY few fives. The fifth star is truly earned only by her very most favorite books.

Another note: Jennifer will often comment on language or other content (sex, violence, etc) in her reviews. She has many followers who prefer to avoid such things, so it’s not usually a comment on the book, but more of a flag to those readers.