I’m Fine and Neither Are You

by Camille Pagan

First of all, the title. There’s no typo there. Your first taste of the honesty in this story. I love the title. And look at all the other things I love about this novel!

I love the quirky style of writing. I love that this story paints a picture of a marriage whose two partners are working to make it better.

Most books deal with divorce, or trouble in the marriage, and usually there’s one bad guy and they split up. Seems like it, anyway. This marriage starts off not in the best place, but the crisis is not the marriage. An external crisis makes the couple look at their marriage and try to do better. THAT’S an amazingly unique story, let me tell you. And one that I wish I saw in real life more often.

I loved that it took place in MI – my home state! I love that the character is doing everything she pretty much needs to survive, but it all feels impossible, even though it’s normal life. I love that the characters decide to get real – no matter the consequences. And I love that there’s a book out there showing two people who love each other WORK on their marriage.

Of course, there are lovely funny thoughts that fly through our protagonist’s mind. There is so much to relate to if you’ve had a job, a kid, a husband, a family, a friend. Something for every woman to relate to.

And the story is interesting! It doesn’t even sag in the middle like most. Pick this up, read it through, sit back and reevaluate your own life. Can you do better? Can you help someone else achieve their dreams? Is there a way for you to achieve yours?

It’s about dreams put on the shelf and what that does to a person. It’s about getting caught up in the daily grind and forgetting to look up at your partner.

It’s a great story, with super relatable characters. Fresh writing. Current topics. And honesty. So much to chew on, and a sweet taste lingers long after you swallow.

Want to grab a copy? This book is brand new! You can find it here.


Content: some sex and thoughts about it, but not graphic. very little language.

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