Three Wishes

Three Wishes By Liane Moriarty

First of all, you had me at Triplets. Adult triplets. And they are fabulous. I mean, I love a great twin story, but triplets? The book started at 3 stars before I even opened it. Does anyone remember the old Jerry Lewis movie, Rock a Bye Baby?

I know, it’s old. But that story brought me hilarious joy as a child and now, this novel has grabbed the baton and multiplied the laughs. I mean, triplets, you guys. Everything is funnier with three. It’s a rule. Of three.

So the story is about these 3 fabulous women and ultimately shows how they endure all kinds of “life stuff” together. They take it in turns to hate each other, crave each other’s lives, and support each other. I can’t explain how much fun it is to watch! And I did feel like I was watching this novel like a movie in my head because the visuals were fantastic!

The story is set in Sydney, Australia, making it a great escape. Their world is just different enough to make the reader pause – boiling hot Christmas Day, for one! But because the subject matter is life when it gets very very real, everyone can relate. And everyone might also end up wishing she had 2 triplet sisters.

As a reader, your heart just melts for each women as they face their demons, slog through struggles, and rescue each other kicking and screaming and crying and laughing and loving and losing. An entertaining read, filled with feels.

A first-timer with Moriarty, this novel makes me want to read everything else she’s written. If you want to grab a copy for yourself, look no further than here:

Content: not too much language, some sex – none graphic

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