The Family Ship

by Sonja Yoerg

A stunning novel. Heart strings were yanked and gosh, I wish I could sweep little Nellie into my arms and kiss her chubby little cheek. Plus, this story takes place between 1975-1980 and wow! I have serious memories of being a child when these kids were children. That adds a delightful and thought-provoking layer.

This family has a method for coping with life and it’s sort of like their version of playing house. They all go to the boat (ship) in their side yard and each has a role to play with military precision. There’s a captain and a cook, a mate and a navigator. I absolutely love how this family has been taught their whole lives, how to pull together and work alongside one another, and then when difficulty arises, they go with what they know. I find myself still looking back on this powerful story and feeling all the wonderful feelings.

The story is told from many perspectives, and one of my favorite parts was getting inside the heads of each (there are many!) family member. The story comes alive as each child begins to understand their place in the family and the world, while the waters rise around their home and the very ground beneath their feet is shaken.

All together, The Family Ship is a beautiful piece of work I highly recommend. All the stars.

And I may have just found my new favorite author. Off to her backlist I go!!!

Content: only a few cusses, 1 PG-13 scene.

Want to grab your own copy? Click here.

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