Everything You Are

by Kerry Anne King

What a pleasant surprise!

This is my first book by this author, and I was blown away! It’s a beautiful story of loss and grief and finding a way forward against all odds. A father-daughter relationship is shattered at the beginning of the story. Then, it very realistically follows a difficult path.

I particularly enjoyed the magical realism laced throughout. The book is not about magic, but there is something ephemeral at work and King writes this part with a light and deft hand. You see, there is a cello and she is definitely one of the best characters in the book. But it’s not silly; it’s powerful.

The pages turned effortlessly, leaving me breathless at times. Without my even noticing, I became emotionally invested as I rooted for these characters plodding through impossible situations.

A girl and her dad, a cello, and several quirky characters who add sparkle to the story when they walk into the room; they all add up to a cast of people I feel like became my friends over the past couple days. And now I miss my friends.

Highly recommend!

Content: minor sex scene, language not bad (but a few f-bombs)

Want to grab your own copy? Click here.

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