The Water Keeper

by Charles Martin

Charles Martin is one of 2-3 authors that I will purchase his next novel sight unseen, pre-ordered, and no idea what it’s about. He NEVER lets me down.

The Water Keeper addresses an issue near and dear to my heart. I work with an anti-trafficking agency and his main character is a guy who goes in to rescue those girls out of their nightmares.

But it’s more than a rescue story. Martin presents a wounded man, who has made huge mistakes in his life. As he fights for young women whose choices have landed them in deeper trouble than they ever imagined, he must find a way to free himself from the trappings of his guilty conscience, and the things he left undone.

The story takes place on the east coast of Florida, as the hero makes his way down the Intercoastal on a boat. He is chasing a luxury yacht which hosts a raging 30 day party and will end with a high stakes auction. As our hero works to free the innocent, he is haunted by a past that may never be resolved and forever be regretted.

A deep, thrill of a ride with sobering real-life parallels and a heart-wrenching ending that satisfies.

Content: PG 13 trouble, but nothing explicit. No cussing.

Want to grab your own copy? Click here.

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