Last Summer

A woman wakes up in the hospital and cannot remember the fact that she just had a baby and lost him. She doesn’t know why she doesn’t remember anything in the last several months, and her nature is to figure things out.

As she works hard to remember, she discovers that even the most trusted people in her life are hiding things from her. Her husband dodges her questions, and the distance between them is crushing. But what happened last summer will come to light eventually. Can she handle it? Does she really want to know?

Sometimes what we don’t know can’t hurt us. Sometimes it already did. But knowing is always better than not knowing. Usually.

This story twists and turns and demands that you turn page after page all the way up to the “I can’t believe it!” ending. Kerry Lonsdale knows how to flip a story on its head in the very best way.

Content: fair amount of language

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