The Exit Strategy

by Lainey Cameron

It’s release day for The Exit Strategy! I was honored with an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

I loved this novel because of the characters, the story, and the interesting world into which it was set – the board rooms of Silicon Valley. The author writes from her own experience in the tech industry and it shows!

To me, Silicon Valley has always seemed like a mysterious place where all the cool stuff we’ve come to depend on gets invented. Exit Strategy takes the reader behind the curtain into the board rooms and living rooms of the innovators and those who love them…and those who maybe don’t.

Two women are rising through the ranks in the tech industry. They find themselves on opposite sides of a deal and then they learn about a previous connection. The story is fast-paced, interesting the whole way through, and features many highly believable scenarios.

There’s a “Me-Too” element to the story, which presents a fascinating solution – for the tech industry, anyway. I love that this book not only presents the problem in order to stir up outrage but presents a possible solution which could be applied to many fields.

When I was forced to put this book down, I kept the characters with me, and couldn’t wait to find out what happened next. I love that the author showed each woman with very real thoughts and struggles, while also showing how they grow through difficulty. This story distracted me from my life. I don’t recommend putting it down until you finish.

This story will make any female reader stand a little taller, walk with a little more swagger, and realize it’s up to her not to let others underestimate her potential.


Want to snag your own copy hot off the press? Click here.

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