A Beginner’s Guide to Freefall

By Andy Abramowitz

Well yes, the poor protagonist does begin this story with a giant freefall. I love, love, loved that his profession is a roller coaster designer/engineer. It’s one of those professions you really only think about when you are stepping onto a coaster and you hope the guy who made this one was brilliant. But learning a little bit about the profession was so interesting!

There is a happy marriage, an adorable daughter, and an awesome career, and then it all goes to pot. I love the interesting characters that enter the protagonist’s life at this point. A happy, but washed-up ex-major-league baseball player who butts into his life as a friend, a depressed and angry teenaged girl who guilts him into helping her, and his sister, who is sweet and wonderful and hurting.

The dynamics of adult siblings was wonderful to witness, as they worked through issues from their childhood. The dynamics of a marriage in trouble was heartbreaking to witness. The dynamics of a father and his 5 year old daughter made me miss my kids when they were that age. There were simply a ton of dynamics, which makes sense, because this moving story moves. Like a train or . . . Yep! a roller coaster. Ups, downs, turns, loops, you name it.

I did feel the protagonist’s perspective was very one-sided and narcissistic. He did not change enough for me. I loved his sister and wished for more of her. I wanted her to be the heroine of the story, and desperately wanted more time with every character except the main guy. I had enough of him.

The writing is sharp and witty. The turns of the story are worthy. The characters are memorable and I seriously would like to meet some of them one day for coffee. I did not know what to expect from this author, but total entertainment is what I got. That said, it’s definitely written by a guy and maybe FOR guys. If a woman had written it, we would definitely be reading a COMPLETELY different story. But those stories have been written and this one is different because of the point of view. For that reason, it’s worth picking up – and it’s a great summer read, because it takes place over the course of a summer.

You can find your copy here – go! Grab it!



Content: one sex scene, not detailed. Some language – not noticeably bad.

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