Things You Save in a Fire

by Katherine Center

This book! Oh, how I loved it! I think what makes this book stand out is the fact that our heroine is an absolute ACE at what she does. She’s the best firefighter on her crew and she makes everyone around her better. I wish I could be like her. This woman is broken, beautiful, and breathtakingly awesome at her job.

There are really big lessons to be learned by several characters – especially about forgiveness. The characters even argue with each other about those lessons and we get a good look at the difference between forgiving oneself and forgiving others. The side characters are vivid and fun, adding incredible texture to an already very engaging tale.

I keep asking myself – why did I like this so much? The setting is a firehouse full of men who have never worked with or considered working with a female firefighter, so there’s baked in tension before anything happens. The heroine is obsessed with her job because it brings her such joy. She has the gift of calm in the midst of chaos, and loves to employ it to help others. But not everyone is thrilled about the newbie.

What else did I love about this book? The personalities are sparkling. The hero is seriously the nicest guy in the world – and he is keeping a stifling secret. The heroine works her tail off to get better at her job, and she also has a secret that is stunting her growth as a person. In addition to all this, she moves in with her mother, a woman who abandoned her on her 16th birthday.

There is SO much to the story. There is a huge Irish family of firefighters. There are some grumpy guys who like to play pranks at the firehouse. There is a guy who makes cookies after midnight, and a tomboy who is tougher than everyone else, but finds herself leaning in to her girly side more than she cares to admit.

Just read it. I beg you. Yes, it’s a romance. Yes, it’s fun and funny. Yes, it may even make you cry – but not too much. I actually read this book into the wee hours one night – I rarely get so lost in a story I have no idea how much time has passed.

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Content: some cussing (not extensive), one sex scene (not graphic)

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One thought on “Things You Save in a Fire

  1. I read and enjoyed this book as well. I also read the associated “How to Walk Away” in which the heroine of “Things We Save In A Fire” makes a cameo.


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