Pride and Prejudice and Other Flavors

By Sonali Dev

So tasty! I loved this retelling of one of the best stories ever told. The author deftly reminds the reader of the original, while crafting an entirely new scenario. The feelings are all the same, but the situations which cause the feelings have changed. It’s like riding It’s a Small World in CA Disneyland and then riding it in Orlando’s Disneyworld. Same, but different. Here’s what she did:

  • Gender flipped
  • Shifted to contemporary
  • Added cultural interest
  • Neurosurgeon vs Chef

I know, so much is different! But at its core, there is misunderstanding, misinterpretation, snap to judgment, and falling hard for someone you don’t want to even like.

I love that the main character is an overachieving Indian woman living in Northern California. I love her whole family – which is big and intense and all out there, like the Bennets. I love that the love interest has a sister and it’s really just the two of them as far as family goes. He’s an artist with food – in particular, Indian food – and she’s an artist with paint.

I love that what will help one of our main characters will hurt the other – that’s just the best set-up for romance. 🙂 I loved seeing the details of the life of a chef, while reading about the pressures associated with the lifestyle of a neurosurgeon.

Guys, if you love P&P, you will love P&P&OF. Trust me. The love, the mess-ups, the arrogance, the humiliation. It’s all there, without the teatime. Though I will admit, there is some delicious chai tea served. And the build up to the finale is just, well, perfect.

Now if only we could invent a way to taste the flavors in a book as we read.

Pick up a copy of this delectable story here. You won’t be sorry!



Content: language is light, one sex scene – not graphic

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