THE HUNTRESS by Kate Quinn

The Huntress is beautifully written. I love that it takes place in the aftermath of the WWII instead of during the war. Well, there are flashbacks from the war, but the bulk of the story deals with recovery from the atrocities of war. Our leading man, Ian, is a Nazi hunter. The most elusive, and highly desired target is a woman nicknamed the Huntress, mostly because they have no real name for her. Finding her will bring about justice for many, but it’s also personal.

Another member of the Nazi hunting party is a woman who flew with the Night Witches, and is one of the best female war heroes I’ve ever read about. I think every woman who reads this book will wish a tiny bit that she could be like Nina.

There is also a 17-year-old photographer who lives in New York. Jordan is facing an inevitable future when a big change happens inside her home. This girl is smart, brave, and her personality is a delightful lens through which to view portions of this story.

When you read history, there is the start of the war, stuff that happened during the war, and then you read about how it ended. Very little digs into the nightmares of war, the different attitudes of returning soldiers, and Nuremberg – especially after the “big” Nazi’s were caught and tried. How do we (as a society) move on from something like that?

This story touches down in Germany, Russia, Poland, France, the US, and possibly more locations. It’s a man-hunt, a thriller, a mystery, and a love story (or three). It recounts war horrors, coping mechanisms, revenge, and justice. Also there’s a lady who sews beautiful clothing and a little girl who wants to play the violin.

Excellent writing. A thrill ride with heart. Thought provoking enough for your book club, with enough action to keep the pages turning. What is right and what is best? That becomes a question. Another question: Is everyone haunted by something?

If you want to grab your own copy, snag it here.

Content: lots of f-bombs, lots of sex happens – but not in graphic detail.

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