Sheltering Rain

by Jojo Moyes

Mothers and daughters. That relationship has always been the worst. And the best. And the most complex. So we have three generations of women who all have issues with their mother. And thus, with each other.

Real characters with real problems. I loved the complexity of this story, which grew and grew as the story went on. You’ll find some wonderful twists and truly gorgeous landscapes.

I love how Moyes tracks three stories, one back in time, two in modern times. The narratives intersect and they reveal a secret or two along the way. But in the end, every woman must decide what to do about Mum, and how they will get over the formative effects each mother inscribed on their lives. Then they need to figure out how to live forward.

The sheltering rain is a rain that forces you to take shelter. It’s not something you can just waltz through or wait out. It’s a “run for cover and wait it out” sort of rain. And all three women will face a rain (life-storm) of this sort at one point in the novel. What do you do when you can’t get through the rain?

This novel is for anyone who ever had a mother. And also anyone who wished they did. It’s an older story by a superstar writer: Jojo Moyes knows how to make me turn the page.

To check it out, click here.

Content: Pretty clean, a few cusses.

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