The Promise Between Us

By Barbara Claypole White

First of all, as a North Carolinian, I love the setting: the Raleigh-Durham area. It feels like home to me. But if you’re not from NC, there still SO MUCH to love about this story. Primarily, the characters. We have so many flawed people who have made a gigantic mess of things. Throw in a clinical case of OCD and a colossal dose of denial and things begin to spin. Relationships, situations, problems, spin and spin and spin.

And then there’s Maisie. She is a darling girl about to cross over the line from elementary to middle school. Her life is about to change on many fronts when she begins to experience the symptoms of OCD. If her mother, who also suffers from OCD, lived with her, then maybe it would be helpful. If there was any contact at all between Maisie and her mother (whom she cannot remember knowing) then perhaps the blow of this condition would not have hit so hard.

But then Maisie meets her mom, quite by accident.

I can’t say too much more, because the relationship drama is just delicious. There is a lovable uncle who loves Maisie more than himself. There is a fabulous step-mother who walks the line between going absolutely nuts and maintaining her serenity because somebody has to.

Drama, drama, drama. The best kind. Loved the story. Miss the characters. (like really, I miss them)

Would you like to grab a copy? Click here.

Content: might be some sex, but none too graphic. There is a good bit of cussing.

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