Not Her Daughter

by Rea Frey

Wow. Powerful stuff in this story. A woman sees a little girl who is treated badly by her mother. Later, she takes the girl. But if it’s to rescue a little girl from her damaging mother, is kidnapping wrong?

One character you sort of love to hate. One character you love, but feel guilty about it. There is much to scruple about in this story, and there are very real, very deep feelings to feel. Can every woman be a good mother? Should every woman become a mother? What about the women who want to but can’t? What about the adult women who never had a mother? Or a father? Does that have anything to do with what kind of parent they will grow up to be one day? So much parenting stuff in here. What to do, what not to do, and how to handle that moment when a pair of innocent gray eyes look up at you with expectations you cannot possibly meet.

This book is women’s fiction that reads like a thriller, and twists at the end. I love the winding road! Told from two main perspectives, and told in fragments, the story takes place before “it” happened, while “it’s” happening, and after “it” happened. It sounds like the story would be confusing this way, but truly, the telling is well done and easy to follow. I think it’s told much the same way two friends might share their stories with me over coffee. Interrupting, going back to before, then skipping ahead to after, etc . . .

The characters are well drawn. The motivations are solid and make things believable. And most fascinating, is that character which I truly dislike, allthewhile enjoying my dislike of her. As if disliking this character is somehow validating me while also instilling some measure of pity toward her, but also, reinforcing the fact that she is just plain bad.

There are some difficult to believe situations found here, especially in light of modern technology to track people. I personally have no trouble suspending disbelief for a good story. There are some stretches here, but they did not ruin the story for me.

Give it a try! You can snag your copy here.

Content: pretty clean, a few cusses.


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