The Cafe by the Sea

By Jenny Colgan

What a gem this book was! I read it before my Scotland trip to get me in the mood. Totally worked! But even if you have no trip abroad in your plans, you can travel vicariously with this novel. The setting is an imaginary island in the north of Scotland and I wish it were real so I could visit!

The story is about a girl with a hopeless crush on her boss who is thrown into a situation where he is forced to actually notice her. And it doesn’t go very well. She is sent from London back to her home island to help a new client of the law firm. The problem is, she left the island suddenly and never looked back. Now, she’s forced to live with her brothers and father and all their dirty dishes, dirty laundry, and unresolved issues.

Oh, and she starts to cook again. And she realizes that she likes it. Add all this together and you’ll find this novel is a treat, just like the ones Flora cooks up. Your mouth will water, you will laugh, you might cry, and you’ll definitely root for Flora, who is stuck between a couple men, a couple brothers, and her past, which won’t go away until she faces it head on.

I wish I could read this one for the first time again. It was beautiful, fun, and just plain lovely. Like scones. (with jam)

Would you like to snag your own copy of this great read? Click here.

Content: Pretty clean – some cussing and alt lifestyles

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