The Shadowy Horses

By Susanna Kearsley

An archeological dig becomes romantic. Not kidding. I picked this book up because I was going to Scotland and I like to read books set in the places I’m going. Plus, I’ve read Susanna Kearsley before and I love her writing.

This story felt lighter in emotion than her usual stories, but I was ready for that while on vacation. The archeological dig was interesting – and I really wish I could meet the character who is footing the bill. He’s a hoot.

The best part about Susanna Kearsley’s books is the touch of magic she infuses into the stories. It is never stuck on, but always very organic, and believable. In this case, there is a little boy who can see and speak to ghosts hanging out near the dig. Imagine speaking to a person from history who can explain the artifacts you are looking for! Okay, well it doesn’t completely happen, but even so, fascinating bits of history come through as the story progresses.

Also, there is a delightfully romantic thread between archeologists. For those of you who think archeologists hang out always in the desert and dig up mostly dry bones, know this: there’s nothing dry about this dig. (ha!) Plus, there’s someone who wants the dig to fail.

Ah, Scotland. It’s stunning. The setting alone is worth the read, but it’s a great story too.

Want to grab your own copy? Click here.

Content: pretty clean! A bit of cussing.

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