No Less Days

by Amanda Stevens

Really interesting story.

Our protagonist is a regular guy – except he can’t die. How does that affect his daily relationships? What does he tell people he’s known for 10 years when they age and he doesn’t? And what happens when he sees a guy in the news who (like himself) should be dead?

I found myself speculating as I read . . . hmmm…maybe that’s why this genre is called speculative fiction? But anyway, when I put down the book, late at night, because I’d stayed up too late reading, I found myself wondering how you could kill a guy whose blood would automatically heal the body from any wound, illness, accident, or catastrophic event. What if there was an apocalyptic event and everyone died – except that guy?

The cool thing about this book is that it’s written from a Christian worldview, so God is a factor. But it’s unique to imagine God using a mortal who’s been given a seemingly eternal life on earth before he dies. And before the eternal life that believers are all promised. Christians look forward to eternal life – after they die. So will this guy be like Enoch and never die? Or will he just live super long – a Biblically long life – and then die and then begin his next eternal life?

And that begs the question…what if eternal life were just like our regular lives? Is eternal life in a fallen world something to be desired? Lots of people seem to think so. I loved all the great questions raised by this novel. In fact, this whole review is almost nothing but questions raised by this wonderful novel!

There are so many great scenes to read here. Compelling characters. Intriguing turns of the story lead to a satisfying ending with room for something more. And guess what? I talked to the author and she’s writing the next installment as we speak! Very exciting! I don’t love series of books, especially if they are not all published (or written) yet…mostly because I want the grand finale and I want it now. (Varuca Salt anyone?)  But this one will be worth the wait.

One more thing . . . I grew up in Michigan, and I feel like there are not enough books set in that beautiful state. So I was thrilled to pieces when I found the story takes place in northern Michigan, a place I migrate back to every year near summer’s end. Another reason to pick this one up!

Check it out! You can grab a copy here.

Content: no sex, no cussing. Some violence, one scene I’d rate PG-14 for violence


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