Daughters of the Night Sky

Daughters of the Night Sky

By Aimie Runyon

You’ll like this one!

WWII novel – but wait! Don’t click away just yet. Seems like there are a zillion WWII novels out there and as much as I have loved so many of them, I’ve found myself getting so tired of similar stories. Seems like the historical fiction genre is 75% WWII, 20% civil war, and 5% every other historical period. HOWEVER…stay with me here…Daughters of the Night Sky covers a completely different angle on WWII. And it was refreshing! (ok, well, as refreshing as something like war can be)

This novel explores the lives of Russian women who flew night raids over enemy armies in WWII. In fact, it follows members of a rare women-only bomber regiment in the Russian Army. Even better, because of the terror they exacted on their enemies, they earned the name, “Night Witches.” Maybe it’s cuz I’m a girl, but it gets me excited when I hear a bunch of girls scared the pants off hostile army guys.

As in other war stories, there is love, loss, and family drama, but it’s all heightened by the unusual circumstances of these female pilots who live in a world and war dominated by men. My favorite detail: no army-issue women’s undergarments. Imagine! Truly fascinating, and not your average WWII novel at all. Twists, emotions, danger, and sisters-in-arms all mix well making this story a treat for every reader.

Now, suit up and get yourself a copy here!

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