When Never Comes

When Never Comes

By Barbara Davis

Sweet, but in that salty, ohmigoshIneedanotherbite sort of way. Davis develops delectably rich characters. The motivations are spot on, and she takes us deep into the reasoning behind each character’s actions. I believed this story, and that is something that always keeps me turning pages.

The “best friend” character cracks me up. The love interest is exactly what the main character needs. I really enjoyed tableaux Davis paints of cold Maine, lush Sweet Water, Virginia, and a stripped-bare town in West Virginia. The settings truly add so much to the story. Also, When Never Comes presents one of the best “predicaments” I’ve read. It’s a truly impossible situation, perfect fodder for a great story.

I love that there’s a famous celebrity author in the story. I also love that he is not the perfect guy. I love that our main character has been around a couple of blocks before, but she is just now coming of age emotionally . . . at a much older age than usual. It’s great that our character is not forced to deal with her “stuff” but she chooses to do it, is sort of inspired to do it, even though she hates doing it. She felt very relatable. I almost felt like driving to her bookstore and asking her to help me find another Barbara Davis book to read. I bet she’d know exactly which one I should pick up next. (wink!)

I snagged my copy of this story via Amazon firstreads, and it officially releases May 1, 2018. Check it out – it’s romancey, but leans heavily toward women’s fiction. You can find it here.

Content: mostly clean, one sex scene – not too graphic

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