The Masterpiece

by Francine Rivers

A graffiti artist living on and off the streets meets a doormat divorcée who lost her confidence when she was seven. Between the two of them, they have enough baggage to fill Grand Central Station. But they live on the West Coast. And she works for him. And he hates everyone. Almost.

This Christian romance is filled with twists and turns, and I especially love that this author seems to care more about building characters and letting them learn the life lessons they need more than she cares about getting her characters hooked up and walking down the aisle.

The hero and heroine both have a rich story, peopled with interesting characters and motivations. They’ve both experienced childhood trauma and found very different ways to cope. And as a result, they are both in need of deep healing which only their Heavenly Father can provide.

I loved peeking into the artist’s studio as well as watching the concept of hope bubble up into situations where there didn’t seem to be a shred of hope possible.

I’m embarrassed to say this is my first time reading Francine Rivers. I’ve got some catching up to do. A wonderful story. A worthy romance.

Content: squeaky clean

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