The Mountain Between Us

By Charles Martin

You guys. This book. It has all the feels and all the fuzzies flowing off every page.

First of all, we meet two fine people who hire a small plane (and pilot) to get them out of Salt Lake City just ahead of a mammoth snow storm. The plane crashes. One of them breaks a leg. The other one does everything possible to save them both.

While it’s an incredible survival story (albeit fiction), we also learn about the wife and the fiancé who don’t know that these two people even stepped onto the small aircraft which filed no flight plan before taking off. They are utterly lost in the wilderness. And as the situation becomes worse every day, we follow two amazing individuals and what their lives were like pre-plane crash, and how that makes them react to new stressors every day.

The emotional current throughout is infectious, engaging, addictive. I lost sleep over this story and it was my second time reading it! Yes, you’ll have to suspend belief just a bit…but the powerful emotional journey is second to none!

Obviously, this book was made into a movie (Yep – I used the Movie cover). I have not seen the movie. The reviews from readers who I know loved this book: mixed. But one thing I find wonderful about the whole thing: the movie has introduced a slew of new readers to an amazing author whose stories reflect his faith, though not in an overt manner. His skill as a writer is unparalleled.

I am addicted to reading this author. Charles Martin. His stories always resonate deeply and are finely crafted from start to finish. I can easily recommend anything I’ve read by him and I think I’ve only missed one. In fact, I’ve actually reviewed a few on this blog: Water From My Heart and Long Way Gone.

This book has been out awhile, but if you’ve not read it, I think you’ll love it! And if you have read it, try something else by the same author. His stories get better with every book.

You can find your own copy of The Mountain Between Us here.

5 stars.

**update: I saw the movie. Ugh. It stripped the rich layers and subplots from the book. Fell flat for me. Plus, they changed personalities – which are so amazing in the book! So watch it if you want to, but PLEASE! read the book first. Read the book, read the book, read the book.

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