The Last Mrs. Parrish

by Liv Constantine

Fascinating novel. The first part was engaging. The heroine felt like the bad guy. But as soon as part 2 began, I could not put the novel down. The twist was beyond awesome. I loved it, and the rest of the book was un-put-down-able. So please stick with the story until you get into Part 2. It’s so worth it!

This story begs the question: what do we deserve? If our lives feel unfair compared to others, do we have the right to seize upon that life and demand it for ourselves? Do we have the right to take that life from someone else? It’s a fascinating study of Amber, a woman who believes she deserves the life that Mrs. Parrish is living. Wealth, leisure, a gorgeous husband, two adorable daughters, and wealth. Yep, it’s worth mentioning twice – especially for Amber. And then she decides to take that life for herself.

Manipulation, lies, devious plans, it’s almost like watching a heist movie – how is she going to get everything she wants? And will she? And as the reader walks through each well-planned step, we want to call up Mrs. Parrish and say, “Watch out!”

And then Part 2 kicks in and you will love the rest. That’s all I can say. It’s a psychological thriller, it’s women’s fiction, it’s fun to watch. In fact, the writing was such that I felt almost like I was watching a movie because the descriptions were so spot on. It takes you inside a gorgeous coastal mansion, a New York City penthouse, and the chauffeur-driven car that ferries the rich and powerful between the two.

The other very cool thing about this book is its author. I mean authorS. Yep! Two sisters wrote the book together. Liv Constantine is their collective pen name. As a writer myself, I have to give them props – it’s just cool that they crafted this great story together.

Pick this book up here and you’ll be busy until somebody grabs it out of your hands because you’ve had your head stuck in it all day.

Content: Not much swearing. Some sex (easy to skip down the page).




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