Kate Morton


Today I’m reviewing a body of work instead of a book and here’s why: Kate Morton is just . . . beyond. I mean, her writing immediately sinks the reader into another world and truly, coming out of her book worlds is like waking up from a very intense dream. It takes a few minutes to adjust to reality, and oftentimes I long to go back. Certainly every time I read her work I miss the characters while I’m away, but it’s so much more than that.

Morton creates an unforgettable atmosphere unique to each story. And that atmosphere is sort of like the reason you keep going back to your favorite restaurant. Because you want to FEEL the way that place makes you feel. It’s been a couple years since she last published a book and I miss her story worlds. I say this frequently, but it true: I’m not much for re-reading books, but I’m considering buying the audible versions while I await her next novel. Which rumor has it may drop in October of 2017. Fingers crossed.

Am I making sense here? These are some of the best novels I’ve read. I will always order the next Kate Morton book sight unseen, blurb unread. I will buy it because of the author’s name on the cover. And I will buy the hardback and save it for a trip out of town, so I can sit and read all day long, savoring every word. There’s only one other author I do that with (Charles Martin).

Now. For some of you out there, I must warn you. These extensive stories require a bit of set up. But unlike many other stories, the pay-off is so much greater than you will hope. And they are long. But truly, that means more words to love and more story to savor. It’s worth the slow build, to learn how she will work out the story. She’s brilliant. It cannot be put another way.

As far as which one to start with when reading Ms. Morton?

I began with The Forgotten Garden, and 3407877 would recommend the same for a first-timer.


For my second book, I read The House at Riverton (shocking and stunning). 1278752


The Secret Keeper (the longest, slowest build, with phenomenal ending!)13508607



The Distant Hours (Haunting, Chilling, Beautiful).





And finally The Lake House. I will say, The Lake House was my least favorite, but it was still worth the read.21104828



Morton is in the process of presenting beautiful new covers for each book, and only two of the attached images reflect the updates.

The sweeping landscapes, the secrets uncovered, the masterfully painted characters, the multi-layered plots, and the simple other-worldliness of Morton’s books make them more than worthwhile. Each book is an experience! Not to mention the author is an Aussie, with deep ties (and serious travel to) the UK, where most of the stories are set. Try at least one of these novels, and I bet you don’t stop until you’ve read every one. HIGHLY recommend them all.



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