The Clockmaker’s Daughter

by Kate Morton

In classic Kate Morton style, The Clockmaker’s Daughter sweeps the reader into a world filled with garden gates, English houses, and winks of light in the window that beckon the reader to come a little closer, dig a little deeper. When you open this book, you will sink into a story-world that simultaneously sparks a hundred questions and also wraps around you like a vine covered in purple flowers, and whispers into your ear: just one more page.

I found this book to be a bit darker than Morton’s others. Not darkness with a sense of evil, but maybe with a touch of increased morbidity. It’s a positive comment, not a criticism, because I think the story is richer for it. And RICH is the perfect word for this work! There are even more layers and details than Morton usually serves up. She is a master at crafting and placing seemingly minuscule details into an incredibly complex mosaic which is only displayed in full on the very last page.

In case you haven’t noticed, I adore this author. I love the world she transports me to inside every novel she writes.  And you truly will be conveyed to England, in various decades, meeting fascinating people and more importantly, exploring fascinating rooms inside a house with a very big secret.

I can’t say more or I’ll ruin it, and I would NEVER! So go buy or borrow your copy of this fabulous story right away! Click here to find it instantly.

Have I reviewed other books by this author? Of course! I talk about them all right here.


Content: Clean, but some racy behavior is mentioned and referred to throughout, though none appears on the page, as it were.

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