The Vanishing Year

by Kate Moretti

Wow. A woman who seems to have it all, is slapped in the face by her past. As the woman she used to be mixes with the woman she’s become, her life begins to fray at the edges, threatening everything she holds dear.

We all have weaknesses. Needs. And when those needs are suddenly met in a way that is beyond all we could ever dream, it’s hard to imagine that our ship has not finally come in. Because we were due a break. Not that we deserve our lives, but sometimes we don’t want to even ask the question why for fear it will all disappear in a flash. That was Zoe’s life.

The Vanishing Year is women’s fiction, but it’s a psychological thriller. The plot is fascinating, and as I began to cheer for this woman with two names, I also worried that she would never make the decision I wanted her to make. It kept me on the edge of my beach chair the whole time. The writing is smart. The clues were subtle, and didn’t always pan out exactly how I thought they would. The twists were so very welcome, and some of them, truly unexpected.

I loved the story. The characters were fascinating. Interesting. Not your run of the mill people, and not necessarily people I would ever come into contact with, but really fun to read about. I could do with less sex and less cussing, but those are the only negatives. 4 stars. Great beach book, which I can totally vouch for, because there is sand stuck between the pages in my copy.

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