The Two Family House

I think I loved the era of this book most. No wait, I loved the setting. And the characters. And the plot. Okay, I loved LOTS about this book.
But I did really enjoy the era – post WWII, late 40s-50s. The main characters are stay-at-home-moms, married to brothers, raising kids at a time when they could send them to the park on their own. It’s Americana, richly textured with a giant decision made in a moment, the ramifications of which play out over the course of a generation. One giant secret slowly destroys a friendship and family, even as it is gradually revealed. It’s a story about getting what you want and how that can destroy everything you love in the process.
The growth of the characters is a beautiful thing to watch – the arc’s were fascinating to watch as they played out across the story.
I thought about this book while I was away from it. I stayed up very late reading it – 3 nights in a row. I wish it was longer, though it started and finished in exactly the right places. Highly recommend! (But plan to lose some sleep) 5 stars.

Snag your copy here.

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