Everything We Keep

When a story begins at a funeral which is on the same date the bride was supposed to marry the deceased, you know it’s gonna be good. The story was very twisty! (not twisted, mind you) I loved the premise and found surprises at every turn. I actually want to hang out with these characters because it feels like I already know them.

Warning: there are no slow spots. I’m shocked to be able to say this about any book, but it simply does not slow down. You will not be able to gingerly leave the book on your bedside table for a few days until your life slows down. Do not pick up this book unless you have a wide open weekend, a week at the beach, a monsoon approaching, or a family who doesn’t mind you disappearing for a few days.

This book rocked me. Both devastating and thrilling, it left me breathless. And there is a sequel. And it’s coming out July 4th, 2017 and I. CAN’T. WAIT.

There are too many surprises to reveal much about the plot, but suffice it to say, there are questions about the death of Aimee’s fiancé. And it’s hard to move on when there are questions. And the ending? Well, it’s both satisfying and . . . cliff-hanging. At the same time. But go ahead and read this book, because you might need a month to get over it before the sequel comes out. Did I mention the sequel is almost ready? I’m completely fan-girling over one of my new favorite authors. Kerry Lonsdale – keep writing! 5 Stars!

Just a note: there’s general market content in this book. Even still, I loved it.

Also – I wrote a review of another book by Lonsdale (not the sequel) which is also amazing. Check it here.

Grab your copy here!

One thought on “Everything We Keep

  1. I read this one recently, loved it too!
    Kept me up at night trying to figure out what should’ve happened after the ending.


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