The Promise of Rayne

There is so much to love about this story written by Nicole Deese.

First of all, the writing swept me out of my life, my house, my daily routine and raptured me to a whole new place. Idaho. I know, it’s not the first place you might think about sweeping your self away to…but trust me…Idaho is now lodged in my heart! The pacing is fast, and the story just kept twisting and turning and growing, layer upon layer.

Secondly, the characters are D-E-E-P. They go beyond three dimensional, to the point where I fully expect to bump into them next time I go to Idaho. (And now I’m actually thinking about going there). They feel so real, and they act so consistently, it’s a true pleasure to read these people through to their happy ending. Yes, it ends well. I’m giving that away. But HOW it ends well, is the question which will drive you from page to page, chapter to chapter until it’s two in the morning and you remember your alarm is set for 6:30am. Yikes. (Yes, that happened).

Thirdly, Ms. Deese knows romance. The yearning, the fighting, the excellent reasons the characters should or should not be together. I rode the turbulence of this relationship like a small plane through a stormy sky, feeling every bump, every dip, and every loop-de-loop of emotion. It’s one of my favorite reading experiences. And that’s truly what this book is: an experience. So much more than a typical novel, this story breathes as it reads.

Lastly, I’m ready to read this book again. I know, that sounds crazy. Especially since I just finished reading it. And I rarely re-read. Unless it’s Pride and Prejudice, but that’s a whole other therapy session.

This book is better than most, truer than most, and I can assure the reader it will stick in your brain longer than most. And you might want to go to Idaho after reading it (fair warning).

5 out of 5 stars! You can grab a copy here.

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