The Little Paris Bookshop

After reading this book, I want to be a literary apothecary. The very concept sends me all atwitter! To chat with a person and then give them the very book they most need at that moment . . . would be so very satisfying. And fun! Our main character has this knack for picking books for individuals he’s just met. I’d like to think I might be able to do this too . . . maybe. I might be wishing here. . .

The setting provides stunning views! Paris, the Seine, Provence, the cote d’Azur. Painted scenes hang in my mind, months after reading this gem. I feel I must travel south in France. Can we go now?

The main character is a very solitary man who shifted his grief into neutral many years ago, and finds himself forced to finish the process. Unexpectedly and unwillingly.

Really special secondary characters and one fascinating main character make you want to savor the experience of reading this story, making it last and last, like the best meal ever. 

For those who care: some sex scenes, easy to skip over.

4 out of 5 stars. I read it before I travelled to Paris. In retrospect, that was a great idea.

Snag your copy here.

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