Lilac Girls

I’ve read lots of WWII novels. Lots. I might even have to create another category on the blog for just WWII Novels. I OD’d on WWII novels awhile back. Took a whole year off from reading them. And then The Nightingale was published. And I loved it – but that’s another blog post. The point is, I decided it was okay to read more books from this era again. So I picked up Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly.

The refreshing thing about this story is that it focused on women and their relationships. Yes, others have done some of that, but this truly followed three different women with three VERY different perspectives.

  • One: a Polish Resistance worker 
  • Two: A German physician working at Ravensbruck.
  • Three: a NY socialite raising money to support the war torn French people.

Each woman’s story was very engaging, and the criss-crossing of their paths was delightful to experience as a reader. I wish the ending was a little less rushed . . . it seemed a bit too tidy at the very last. But nonetheless, a very good story. One worth reading.

4 out of 5 stars

Purchase your copy here.


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