The Bronte Plot


Katherine Reay has done it again! Drawing on her love for classic literature, she crafts a story that is not necessarily a retelling, but a story that talks about the great literature of the past in a contemporary setting. For the reader, it almost has the effect of hanging out with a bunch of book clubbers and chatting about great books. What makes it even better is the fact that she has a good plot unto itself, and a character I care about (who incidentally, loves books-just like me!).

In the story, Lucy works for an interior designer and sells rare books alongside the designer’s antiques. She falls in love, and then out of love, and finds herself travelling to England with a client who accidentally digs up bits from Lucy’s past that she never intended to learn.

I love the soul-searching, the fiction references, the family drama, and the setting. Oh! The setting is mostly England, the moors! And Lucy is as struck by the moors as I am, having read endless scenes taking place on moors. Can you believe we don’t have moors in America? It’s so unfair.

Reay writes with an easy narrative voice, fun attention to detail, and heart-deep insight. I can recommend any of her three books with confidence.

Grab your copy of The Bronte Plot here. 


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