The Ringmaster’s Wife

The Ringmaster’s Wife

By Kristy Cambron

The dramatic era of the early 1920s serves as backdrop to this story, which details the lives of two women whose choices cause their paths to meet in the mysterious world of the traveling circus. I love how Cambron features historical figures, including the Ringling Brothers, and weaves a fascinating fiction full of emotion and struggle, hard work and desire. She has achieved a high level of sophistication in the plot, as well as authenticity of character. This makes for not only an exciting read, but a stunning tableau of scenes filled with mystery, old-world glamor, and danger.

With the ending of The Greatest Show on Earth this year (2017), this book comes at a great time. Dive in for a look at the beginnings of this fabulous American institution.

I highly recommend this book for fans of historical fiction, vintage fiction, and anyone who’s had a dream and run after it. 4 out of 5

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