The Secret Ingredient of Wishes

The Secret Ingredient of Wishes

By Susan Bishop Crispell

A delicious treat!

First of all, it’s magical realism. What does that mean? It’s a contemporary setting that includes one or two “supernatural” type gifts within an otherwise completely natural world. In this case, the main character is able to grant wishes. We meet her in a place where she has tried to stop granting wishes and is unhappy with the stress it causes her.

She takes a drive and literally gets stuck in the middle of nowhere. Or I should say…Nowhere, NC. So yes, I love that it takes place in my home state. And I love that this town seems to be a collecting place for the lost, distraught, and slightly left of normal. There is, of course, a hunky contractor with a crooked smile. There is a delightful older woman who makes pies like crazy. And come to find out, those pies have the ability to keep a secret . . . secret.

Warning: this book may awaken in you a very strong desire to make or eat pie. There are SO many pies in the story. Come to think of it, you might as well just make a pie and then eat your way through it as you read this book. I can’t think of a better strategy.

The ending is sweet. The middle is gooey. The beginning, like the perfect, melt-in-your-mouth flakey crust. Are you hungry? I am.

If you like reading Sarah Addison Allen, you’ll love this book. You can buy it here. If you’ve never read Sarah Addison Allen, you should! Start with this one.



As an Amazon associate, I get a kickback if you purchase via my link.


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