Allie and Bea

By Catherine Ryan Hyde

Two women separated by six decades find each other by chance, just when each needs the other most.

A septuagenarian widow gets snookered out of her entire bank account by a telephone con. An upper-class girl watches as her parents are arrested and sent to jail, and she ends up in the system, which lets her down.

It’s a road trip story from California to the northern-most tip of Washington State. There are beaches and gas stations and fascinating “windshield” conversations. Each woman has something to learn, and also something to teach.

They will meet people, cheat people, greet people, and then watch them disappear in the rearview mirror. It’s a small story about ordinary people, but it’s also a huge story about two individuals whose lives are turned upside down.

This author has a way of making the reader feel all the feels. The novel is a symphony of feeling, that depicts a wonderful relationship between two people who never should have met, and both of whom will never be the same because of it.

Recommend!! 4.5 stars.

Want to grab your own copy? Amazon has it here.



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