P.S. From Paris

by Marc Levy

A rollicking entertainment. I mean, this story was simply fun. The author makes fun of himself through his main character, a writer, who doesn’t watch TV or recognize famous people. Especially one lovely, gorgeous, unavailable famous person.

I love that it’s set in Paris. I especially love that one scene in particular took place two blocks from where we stayed in Paris last summer. We walked past that exact spot several times. It sort of made me feel super special. But somehow, this author did not inundate us with tales of the foods one can only eat in France, leaving the reader hungry. Instead, he created a chef who made great food, that might actually be possible to acquire in our home countries. In short, he made Paris accessible to the common folk who don’t have the luxury of living in Paris.

As stated before, it’s a fun story, sprinkled with interesting side characters which didn’t all have a perfect resolution, but somehow served to enrich the landscape. And the romance is light. I didn’t feel dragged into a painfully emotional, heavy, heart-wrenching relationship drama. Did I mention it was fun? Yes, there is romance. There is at least one kiss. But also, there was other stuff happening in the lives of the hero and heroine. And that stuff is interesting and . . . .you guessed it: Fun!

I’m generally a little bit skeptical of a male romance writer. No offense intended to you guys. But this was a satisfying shattering of my possibly unfair stereotyping. Translation: it was good. Like, really good-and remarkably clean compared to my expectations. So if you’re looking for something light and . . . amusing, you’ve found it.

Want to grab your own copy? Click here!

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