All The Breaking Waves

I love magical realism! But this book is better than just magical realism. The author has built a breathtaking story with memorable characters…and the magical elements heighten the story on every level. The plot is not all about the magic. It’s about people and relationships. But the magic is a natural part of it all. Not pasted in. Not painted in the periphery, but neither is the story all about crazy paranormal stuff. It’s about real people with mostly real problems, but also a little bit of a magical twist that magnifies all the best parts. Everything I’ve read by Kerry Lonsdale has captivated me. I cannot put her books down and never want them to end. Can’t recommend this author highly enough! Here’s a tip: next book drops July 4, 2017! 5 stars.

Want a copy for yourself? Click here.

3 thoughts on “All The Breaking Waves

  1. Love this new site! Can’t wait to dig in to your recommendations. And you should totally get an Amazon affiliate link so I can just click on over and buy the books šŸ˜‰


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