The Gifting (series)

by KE Ganshert

I can hardly contain myself as I sit to write this review. I finished this series at Midnight last night so it’s still very fresh in my mind. The Gifting, The Awakening, and The Gathering by KE Ganshert are the most extraordinary contribution to YA literature that I’ve read. Better than The Hunger Games. Better than the Selection series. So completely engaging, I read all three books in five days. I admit my family was forced to scavenge on their own for a couple meals.

The story takes place in a Dystopian world where science has taken over and the whole country is convinced there is no such thing as a spiritual realm and no one has a soul. Every one who shows signs of acknowledging anything spiritual is contacted, and then convinced they are crazy and subsequently admitted to a mental institution. What spins out on this stage, is a coming of age story about a girl who just wants to be normal. On her way, she learns to embrace the “not-normal-ness” of her life in order to fight for a world where normal, beautiful moments can still happen.

There are so many creative details the author constructs, it reminds me of the delightful discovery of JK Rowling’s magical details when I read those books for the first time. The characters are so realistic, you’ll be cheering for them every moment you are forced to put the books down. I loved the character growth, the action packed tension on almost every page, and the emotions are beyond roller coaster…try hurricane! Romance, heart-racing action, teenage angst, fantasy, and some good old fashioned battles between good and evil make for an extra special story full of plot twists you won’t see coming.

Ganshert knows the teenaged mind. The interactions are priceless and spot on, with consistent characters who will capture your heart. She also knows how to keep the reader turning pages. Even the second book kept me hooked. One thing I love about this series is the fact that the cover is not black with blood dripping down a pasty white face (You know what I mean). The books are clean, exciting, and NOT gory or depressing. While dealing with life and death and the spirit realm, this story is positive and edifying. What a welcome addition to the world of YA literature! Here’s a look at all three gorgeous covers:


I hope you’ll give these books a try, even if YA is not your normal cup of tea. And if you cannot bring yourself to read them yourself, recommend them to a teen in your life – he/she won’t be disappointed. 5 Stars!!!

Start reading now!

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