Stars Over Sunset Blvd

by Susan Meissner

Nostalgia for the Golden Age of Hollywood just takes over in this novel. I loved every minute of its detailed behind-the-scenes look at the big movie studios in the 1930-40s. The story follows two women who become friends as they chase their dreams. And then they must choose between friendship and dreams, and find a way to live with the losses suffered along the way.

There’s something special about a friendship story, and there’s something wonderful about Hollywood’s Golden Age. Put together, you have a novel that’s difficult to put down, but one you don’t ever want to finish.

Now I must admit there is something else fueling my warm fuzzy feelings for this story. Have you seen the movie La La Land? Sigh. Some people don’t get it, and some don’t like it. Everybody else was bowled over by it and remembers certain scenes from it with a sigh the likes of which only Scarlett O’Hara could rival. Yep. I’m in the third category. But stay with me. The reason I loved La La Land so much is because it is throwing back to Hollywood’s Golden Age.

Do you see where I’m going here? Stars Over Sunset Blvd depicts everything La La Land is throwing back to. The singing, the dancing, the dresses, the costumes! Even Scarlett O’Hara…the novel takes place on the lot where they are filming Gone With The Wind!

So maybe this review is a bit sappy. But let’s face it, the movies from the Golden Age were all a bit sappy. And sappy, in my opinion, is what we need a little bit more of these days. I’ll give it 4 stars for now.

You can find your copy here.

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