Carrie Soto Is Back

by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Loved this so much! Tons of heart. Yes, it’s a sports story-but it felt like watching a sports movie. You know the type – you laugh, you cry, you root for the main character. At times, I almost felt like I was at a real tennis match. Whether you play tennis or not, I promise you’ll be cheering by the end.

The novel is a celebrity story, yet it’s a father-daughter story, a love story, and still a sports story as well. There’s a little something for everyone. The author has organized the book around each of the four Grand Slam events occurring over the course of a year.

The main character is difficult. She’s hard and rude and shows little to no compassion. Yet, somehow, TJR makes us root for her. She does everything for the wrong reasons…yet somehow I want her to learn the right reasons, even if by accident. I want the win almost as much as she does in the end.

I love that TJR’s books are set in the same universe which takes place in the 80s/90s. Her characters overlap a tiny bit in each of her novels and it’s fun for her fans to see who will show up in the new novel.

A fast read. Stayed up late to finish. Would have stayed up later. 

Highly Recommend.

Want to grab a copy? Click here.

Content: some cussing and sex

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