A House Full of Windsor

by Kristin Contino

A super fun rollick!

I loved the cast of characters and it was super interesting to get an inside look at a hoarder and the mentality behind the behavior.

Contino gives us a main character who is a compulsive shopper and a royal watcher. She’s an American Anglophile who falls in love with a Brit and moves to England, has children, and then finds her marriage in tatters. Meanwhile, she follows every detail concerning the royals as she self-medicates in the shops of London.

Cut to the present-day, and the daughter of said Anglophile. Her brother nominates her mother for a reality show about helping hoarders clean up their act. She is convinced to also participate on the show and everything in her life is once again turned upside down because of her mother’s “issue”.

Everyone eventually must face their past and both of our heroines are no exception. The past literally piles up all around them. Throw in a charming Texan, various television personalities, and kids who hold grudges against their parents…and you get A House Full of Windsor. It’s quick read with interesting details and a touch of romance. Worth your time! Pick it up! Did I say this is a fun read? Well, it bears repeating. Check it out!

You can snag your copy here.

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