Pretty Things

By Janelle Brown

Wow. What a thrill ride!

We have a grifter, a con, a mark, and then it all gets mixed up!

At first you might think there’s no way you can like a character who steals for a living. But then you get to know these people, why they steal, and from whom, and suddenly the lines begin to blur. And then you learn more about the history of a certain situation – as the characters themselves learn that what actually happened is different from what they always believed . . . and the lines begin to fade toward very light gray. Then the story twists and twists again and you have to stop for minute to make sure you have it all straight, and then you exclaim to yourself, “I can’t believe she did that!”

This novel is an “edge of your seat, relevant, captivating, thrilling, and interesting insider’s look at the criminal mind from several perspectives.

This novel got me thinking and asking all kinds of questions: What are things parents do that ruin a child? What things do parents do that surprisingly don’t ruin the child? Does it depend on the child?

Where is the line you refuse to cross? Under what circumstances would you do something illegal? Love of a child, hunger, cheap thrills, justice, convenienc, revenge?

I have so many thoughts about this story. It is richly layered, well peopled, and twisty in the best way. It’s one of the items I’d put on my list of “Pretty Things.”

Content: PG-13 sex scenes. Some language.

Want to grab your own copy?

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