The Eighth Sister

By Robert Dugoni

What a pleasant surprise this novel was to me! My guilty pleasure type of novel is the international thriller/spy novel. I generally indulge only on vacation. However, I kept seeing this novel in emails, various Social media feeds, etc…and couldn’t get it out of my head. So I grabbed the kindle version, just to see what the hype was all about.

You guys. It was great! I’d never read this author, but the intrigue stuff was awesome, and then he merged it with legal thriller elements and I couldn’t put it down! Here’s the premise: There are seven US spies who are deeply embedded in Russia, named the Seven Sisters after the seven skyscrapers in Moscow designed in the Stalinist style. They are Russian women, and have been there for years, feeding info to the US. Now they are being killed off one by one.

Enter the hero of this story, who used to be CIA years ago and is called in to help save the rest of the sisters by drawing out the “Eighth” sister, who seems to be killing them off. But things get turned on their heads, every five minutes. Lots of twists, lots of details, lots of drama, including a spy who has a family. (I know! Different, right?) As a bonus, the author even had his own harrowing experience in Russia in 1998, so the story feels very authentic.

I stayed up too late 2 nights in a row to finish this story, and highly recommend it! Especially if you plan to hit the beach anytime soon – and even if you don’t.

You can snag a copy of this heart-racing, fast-paced novel here.

Content: some violence – mostly with guns. No sex. No (or very little) cussing. Super clean!

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