Memory Making Mom

Memory Making Mom

by Jessica Smartt

Non-fiction for moms. Yes, it’s a departure from my usual fiction-addiction reviews. Thing is, this book is exactly what young moms need. If that’s not you, it’s also great for Grand-moms. If that’s not you? I bet you know someone who could really use this encouragement-laden book.

Here are the pluses:

It’s short. (moms with young kids don’t have time to read, so author knows her audience)

It’s honest. None of the pinterest-ly impossible in here. Real ideas that work for real families. Also included: less than perfect results at life-tries. We all trip, including this author, and she admits it. Refreshing!

It’s rich. Did I say there were ideas in this book? Try ZILLIONS of ideas. And if you try just one single idea? It could make an incredible impression on one of those little people you love so much! And that would be priceless. I PROMISE, this book is worth the reasonable twelve bucks (less on kindle).

It’s new. The book just dropped this week, and it’s climbing the charts! Also, the author is one of those fun-to-read mom-bloggers. She doesn’t waste your time, and if you love the book, you can get more of the same on her blog! (

Give this author a try – it’s her very first book, and I hope, hope, hope there will be more!

Snag your copy here.

content: squeaky clean!


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