The Sea Prayers

The Sea Prayers

By Normandie Fischer

What an exciting read! Plus, let’s take a moment on that beautiful cover, shall we?

In the Sea Prayers, Fischer takes us back to Beaufort, NC, as she tells the story of a single mom barely making ends meet, and her daughter, who learns a huge secret about her dad: he’s her favorite, famous singer and she listens to his music all the time.

There’s a sous chef who has overcome addiction and lives on a boat, an inherited house that requires more than the recipient can handle, and a town filled with people who know how to be the hands and feet of God. Date rape, emotional abuse, unforgiveness, and a missing child provide lots of conflict, plot twists, and reasons for our heroine to learn how to pray.

This is a love story, a faith story, and a family story. It’s about the past coming back to bite you, and learning how to make sure the future doesn’t run away without you.

I highly recommend Fischer’s latest installment in her Carolina Coast Series. This story definitely stands on its own, but if you’ve already met the lovely people from her other novels, you will enjoy it even more when several of them pop into this storyline too.

Would you like to snag your own copy? Find it here! If you’d like to read about more from this author, I’ve reviewed her before here.

Content: clean, clean, clean.

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