Someday, Someday Maybe

Someday, Someday Maybe

by Lauren Graham

Do you love Gilmore Girls? If so, you will definitely love this story because it is told in a very similar voice to the character of Lorelai, played by its author, Lauren Graham. If you missed the Gilmore Girls craze, then you may still love this story, because it has nothing to do with that TV series.

This story snagged my attention before I knew anything about its author. The main character is an aspiring actress, so she moves to New York City and gives herself 3 years to “make it.” The novel begins when she is 6 months away from her self-imposed deadline. While acting is her art form, the story speaks to any artist in any medium. As a writer, I find many parallels to my own life.

Franny wonders if she should give herself more time, since her deadline is looming. Was three years too short? Is it smart to put a deadline on your dreams? Is pursuing something you love a bad idea if you cannot support yourself in that field? Art is about taking risks…what happens when the people you love don’t support your risks? There are so many more, but the story explores these ideas through a young woman who makes mistakes, gets excited about her opportunities, sees her hopes dashed on the street, looks for love everywhere that’s wrong, and despite the confidence she places in everyone around her, what she needs most of all is to believe in herself.

The tale is funny, whimsical, cringe-worthy, and fascinating all rolled into one. I especially loved the dichotomy of working the lowest of the low jobs in order to pursue the highest of the high, someday dream-job.

The novel is about chasing your dream, and staying true to yourself. Who doesn’t need a feel-good story like this once in a while? It’s not deep or literary. It’s light and interesting. 4 stars.

Grab your copy here.

Content: some language, sex is generalized, not detailed.

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